Where’s the beef?

Yes the largest paper in the state just quoted me saying that on the front page… sigh… That one will haunt me on Google forever…

Actually that comment is reflective of my current take on DMC, I wish there was more private investment at this point. I just haven’t seen much, but I do remain optimistic and think some more significant private investments are coming. In reality basically all the projects that we have seen come forward were planned before DMC. The Bloom Capital project on the riverfront might be the first truly private DMC project (though the Connolly Camera rehab is also a related project). Downtown housing and hotel projects were already planned.

Most DMC monies have been public dollars for public projects at this point. I am particularly concerned about the suggested use of public DMC funds to build a hockey rink. I think the project smells of backroom deals and conflicts of interest. I hate that as I am a hockey fan. I struggle to see how this venue is a better use of public dollars than Affordable Housing, Transit, Library, Broadband, or even a performing arts center.

I am glad the Star Tribune hit on the awful Associated Bank plan that ALMOST actually passed. Very amateurish by the City Council to even consider that.

Startribune.com article

DRAFT summary of DMC Expenses

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