Another stadium?

Today I raised some concerns with the proposed stadium at Mayo Park. The costs would be $65-75 million to do it right. While a stadium might be nice we currently are not properly funding:

  • street maintenance
  • effective transit
  • affordable housing
  • library expansion
  • broadband

These items are for more important in my opinion that another entertainment facility. Further I believe a performing arts center would be a greater benefit for the community than a stadium. I am highly skeptical of the claims that this is an investment that will have a return for the community.

If we were to proceed using public dollars I would like to see the following:

  • An independent analysis of the financial projections verifying their accuracy.
  • A community benefits agreement ensuring that jobs created would pay a living wage and other community benefits.
  • A referendum if ANY bonding obligating public payback would be done.
  • Replacement of any lost riverfront green space in the downtown.

While I am willing to listen, I don’t need another financial obligation while we fail to fund basic needs.


  1. I agree. There are other more basic needs to be filled and more effective/impactful ways of spending that money in the community. If people desire sports in this area, why not just drive up to the twin cities where millions have already been spent on this infrastructure. We have the option to keep Rochester somewhat unique as it develops, why make it like every other expanding city out there? At least focus on the higher priority items first.

  2. The current Honker’s stadium is a pit and an embarrassment to the city. That being said, it’s probably perfectly adequate for the 36 or so games the Honks play each year. The community would get much more bang for the buck with a top-notch performing arts center. We sincerely need a multi-purpose center that can accommodate everything from SEMYO to Riverside Concerts, to the Symphony and Chorale to the smaller dance and performance groups that make our city a richer place to live. Something with facilities that can seat 100-600 or more.

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