Rochester Comprehensive Plan Update

This is hands down the most important planning activity for the future of Rochester. The consultants leading the project described this as the best and most thorough planning effort they had ever been involved with. They expect that this will be an award winning project. Here is the update we received.

P2S Update Document

In general we are studying 3 scenarios:

  1. Continued suburban sprawl
  2. Significant infill along major corridors and nodes
  3. Major high density nodes south of downtown & near IBM.

What is different about this study is that we are seriously looking at the consequences of our decision. Today a few council members simultaneously can’t fund the costs associated with sprawl and deny sprawl is a problem. In considering these scenarios we will also consider.

  1. Our ability to deliver services including transit
  2. Cost of land development in different areas
  3. Financial impacts on the budget, especially public infrastructure
  4. Impacts on energy and environment.

My hope is that when present with the likely data, 4 council members will vote to end the sprawl.

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