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This is how you become THE Destination Medical Center. Just a brief reminder of how special Rochester is:

My name is Jennifer [removed].  I just returned to Evansville Indiana from a trip to the Mayo Clinic where my daughter was seen and treated.  Before we left to come up there, all I heard from anyone was,  “You’re  going to have the best doctors in the world working on your daughter.”  I’ll be honest with you, I can’t recall ever hearing anything else about Rochester.  The Mayo Clinic was all I had ever heard about and that the doctors are the best in the world.  Nothing, nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to experience.  From the minute we got out of our Jeep, we were greeted with nothing but kindness.  We stayed at the Kahler Inn and Suites for a week so on her good days, we were able to get out of the hotel and into the community a little.  We walked around the Mayo area and visited a music store, the University Shops, a small grocery, Carol’s Corn and other stores as well.  We also took the shuttle to the Apache Mall.  The 2nd good day she had was on Sunday and we drove out into the city.  We stopped to eat lunch at a Denny’s, shopped at a Koh’s and found a bowling alley that we were able to spend time relaxing and bowling a few games.  My point here is, we did NOT just spend our time at the hotel or the clinic.  We wanted to experience a little of the community even if the goal in the beginning was just to get my daughter’s mind off the fact that she was not feeling well and was there to be treated.

God knows there is plenty of “bad” in the world that is constantly in our faces every day when we wake up and I believe that when someone does a good job, they should be thanked for it.  So, here it goes…THANK YOU, ROCHESTER!!!  Not just the doctors or the hotel employees or the pizza delivery but EVERY SINGLE PERSON.  I told a gentleman (employee) at one of the shops we visited, “This trip felt as if God had taken ALL of the nice people in the world and placed them in Rochester Minnesota.”  He told me, “Rochester makes a conscious effort to make everyone’s day. One minute you could be talking to a local, then someone who had broke a pinky, and then the next person might be someone who is dying from cancer.”  I had local people stop and ask if I needed help.  Maybe it was because I had a lost look on my face but the point is, they stopped.  Every single person we came in contact with was in my eyes “top notch.”  Rochester has set the bar extremely high when it comes to how their community treats people.  Be proud Rochester, you are the example this world needs when it comes to how people should treat each other.  I have nothing but good, no GREAT things to say about our visit to Rochester and the people of the community.  All of you made me feel as if my daughter and myself were important and that will be carried in my heart for the rest of my life.  I thank my God that I had the chance to experience this.  You reminded me of the type of individual that I want to be…the type of individual that everyone should strive to be.  The Mayo Clinic is a very important part of the world but in my eyes and my heart, I believe the community of Rochester is just as important.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed.  Be proud Rochester!  Hold your heads high!  You are the prime example of how every community should be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You all made what could have been a very stressful visit, enjoyable.

May God bless each and every one of you.

Jennifer [removed]
Evansville Indiana


  1. On behalf of all of Rochester: “Thank you”..
    So well written , I experienced exactly the same when as a patient to Mayo from Scandinavia as a young 20 year old…..that was back in the 60’s,and nothing has changed that wonderful warm feeling of Rochester!! Proud to be a citizen of this great City,now….

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful “thank you” you have written. Good for you for taking the time to write what you have.

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