Krista Gilbertson dangerous dog accusations

Update: I understand that Krista has removed the false information and apologized to Rochester Animal Control. I do appreciate that and thank her for that decision.

As I have said so many times I commend the Rochester Police Department on their professionalism and dedication.  There was a story the blew up on Facebook about the city of Rochester putting down a dog. I take accusations seriously and do investigate.

Here is what was by Krista Gilbertson, who I do not know:

Ok. I have to share this. Today my “son” will be killed because of Rochester Animal Control not doing their job! My “son” was shot with a bb gun, had golf balls thrown at him, had a paintball gun shot at him, and when the boy doing all that climbed the fence and trespassed into my yard and kicked my dog, my dog defended himself. Rochester Animal Control never asked our side of the situation, just asked which dog it was (she couldn’t even determine which dog was aggressive )and said “just put him down!” NO INVESTIGATION!!!! I feel that they failed at their job and I lost my son and my children lost their brother!!!! I included pictures, please share my story so no other family will have to lose a child!!!!!

It would appear that Krista’s story is a work of fiction. Simply put her Facebook post is not true. I was suspicious because when I tried to contact her, she did not respond.


Michael –

I checked with Animal Control.  Lt Davis reported:

This goes back several months.  There was an investigation. There are over 50 pages of documents and photos and emails going along with this. To sum it up a neighbor boy age 9 was invited over to play at the dog owners yard. According to the reports, no one made any charges that the dog was harassed or attacked. No one mentioned anything about paint ball or bb guns or golf balls etc. The owner is quoted as saying, had she known the boy was in the back yard she wouldn’t have left the dog out. ACO Crowson was out there two times after to see the dog and states that both times the dog was snarling and growling and trying to come at her while on a leash and she didn’t not feel comfortable getting close to the dog.

The boy suffered significant injury with multiple bites on the torso and head and arms. ACO Crowson stated it wasn’t just a nip or a bite, but an attack.

The dog owner was notified and repeatedly contacted. They chose not to contest the dangerous dog declaration.  They needed to comply with the state requirements including insurance of $300k. They could not or would not do so and opted to have the dog euthanized instead.  The email indicating such is attached:

Here is the email from the owner (I assume the spouse) as added proof:

 photo image003_zpsxwzkti0d.png



  1. If any “stranger” came in my yard, my dogs would do their job and would be snarling and growling and may even bite. That is how dogs indicate that you best leave their property. I have personally have worked with RAC I was their last volunteer before they quit the volunteer program. I have seen things go on that the public would be shocked to know. I was “fired” from my volunteer job there for trying to get medical attention for a dog that had been left for 13 days, I do not feel that the RAC is run in a manor that has the animals best interest. The fact they don’t work with any rescues and are willing to adopt out dogs to anyone without doing a check just to get that fee. Yes this whole situation could have been avoided if the owner had known this boy was in the yard and knew the dog would “protect his property” from a stranger regardless if it was a kid or an adult. I’m glad RAC’s reputation has been brought to light, as I am more than willing to share my story on what goes on behind closed doors!

  2. Again more insinuations and false statements. They work with rescues all the time.If you can read– it says the boy was invited into the yard, Any dog that attacks a little kid IS a dangerous dog.Also a dog is not a son or a brother.

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