Development Commandments

OK, so here are some development commandments, please give me suggestions to make this better.

Violate these and expect fire and brimstone from me…

  1. Thou shall not make unto thee any redesigned image – I don’t care about the economics or whatever loophole you found, never ever degrade a project after approval.
  2. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor(hood) – I can forgive just about any action and have, but lying to the city council is lying to the entire community.
  3. Thou shall not steal from the community – development must create revenues that fund the full cost of services and capital needs created by said development – or offer a significant public benefit to justify the ongoing subsidy.
  4. Thou shall create attractive human scale facades whenever facing prominent streets or neighbors.
  5. Thou shall no other gods before me (especially parking spots) – take only what is needed in a typical circumstance and hide the ugliness.
  6. Honor thy Mother (Earth) & neighbors – address stormwater, sewer, energy consumption, climate change, and multi-modal transportation access on site. Engage and take difference to establish neighborhood preferences.
  7. With great density comes great expectations – Use density as a tool to create a better design.
  8. Thou shall not murder (the streetscape) – Architecture is your friend, seriously. Blank walls are a reflection of your blank soul.
  9. Remember the future, to keep it wholly viable – your development should be mixed use, mixed income, walkable and not automobile dependent.
  10. Thou shalt not take the intent of the planning process in vain – Rochester’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning are bad, I get that, but it is slowly getting better. Stop using it as an crutch to push through crap.

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