Please help us understand garbage costs.

So long story short there are 2 items that we will need to make an informed decision about garbage hauling.

  1. How much are we paying today versus how much would we need to pay for district hauling
  2. What is the fiscal cost of the degradation on our roadways due to garbage trucks.

Staff is getting us the 2nd one using a peer reviewed MnDot analysis technique, but we need your help on the first one. You can help us understand how much citizens are paying. We need a couple hundred responses to get meaningful data.

Hello Neighbors,

The Rochester City Council is considering altering Rochester’s system for collecting residential trash and recyclables.  The Rochester Public Works Department and the Rochester Energy Commission are conducting research to evaluate the costs and benefits of a new collection system.

RNeighbors is partnering with the Energy Commission to conduct a very short ANONYMOUS survey on current collection costs.  This survey is important, because not all customers with the same hauler and the same size containers are paying the same amount.  Your neighborhood association has agreed to share the survey with you so you can participate.

This survey is only for residential customers who receive a bill from a trash hauler

There are 4 questions:

  1. In what neighborhood do you live?
  2. Who is your trash hauler?
  3. How much is your usual bill?
  4. What size is your trash container?  (we don’t need to know about your recycling container)

If you need a reminder on your average bill, you may call your trash hauler.  Their phone numbers are listed below.

If you are uncertain on the size of your trash container, the heights of small, medium and large trash containers are also listed below.

When you have the answers to the 4 questions, please send them in an e-mail to:
Subject Line: Trash Survey.

Thank you very much,
RNeighbors and the Rochester Energy Commission

Trash Hauler Phone Numbers:
Advanced Disposal (previously Veolia)       281-5850
The Garbage Man                                          281-4285
Sunshine Sanitation                                       285-5550
Waste Management                                       888-980-0008

Trash Container Sizes:

With the lid up, measure the height of the front of your container from the ground to the top.

Small      = 37” or less                             it is Small.

Medium = 38”to 39”                               it is Medium.

Large    = 43” or greater                       it is Large.


  1. Dianne Carey i pay 5 bucks a month – unless i have gardening waste – then i pay 9 bucks a month. all that being said the trucks are costing everyone way more than that in road repairs. the trucks don’t want to be bothered with people that don’t produce much waste – they are built for volume not service and we all pay more in the end on way or another.

  2. 1. southwest
    2. Advanced Disposal
    3. cost = about $25/month
    4. small

    P.S. Why are you not using an actual survey tool? Would be much easier to compile results.

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