Short statement on Garbage Districts

Rather than retyping this I will just post it hear and link it:

Rochester has far more in built infrastructure than we have funds to maintain. There are 3 ways of addressing this.

1) Ignore it – This is what we are doing today. We neither quantify the size of our unfunded liability nor evaluate the impacts decisions we make have on it. We know our infrastructure is underfunded to the tune of hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars.

2) Be smarter with our infrastructure – Figure out how to make it last longer, figure out how to serve more people and businesses with the same amount or less infrastructure. Cutting down on wear & tear is a good start. Addressing Rochester’s serious sprawl is also important.

3) Pay substantially higher taxes and fees. How high is difficult to quantify because we have not yet quantified how big the shortfall is or how fast it is growing. I think it is fair to say that you could expect city taxes and fees to increase 50% – 100% as a result of our unfunded liabilities.

Garbage trucks are one of the most destructive things on our roads not designed for 90,000 lb. vehicles. We likely can cut costs, pollution, and congestion as well as improve road life. We can set service standards and prices to ensure quality.

Lets evaluate the issue, get meaningful data and make the correct decision.


  1. Mr. wojcik, there are no residential garbage trucks, that weigh 90K in the city of rochester. in fact, my dual load/one pass trucks don’t even get half of that weight on them (they weigh less than 45K loaded). being an elected official. people assume what you are saying is truthful. people deserve to know the truth. if you have any questions please call me, 208-0327 chris chilson

    1. At this point I am only advocating studying the issue and making an informed decision. The actual vehicle weights and impacts will come out in the process.

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