Senior Center / Rec Center update

The council was recently asked to add another $1 million in budget funds to the Recreation Center Project. In the process the real costs of the project were presented in a very misleading fashion. The state set a $20 Million dollar budget for us. The project is now stands at nearly $28 million. Here is an honest account of the funds.

Sales Tax $20.000 sales tax
Sales Tax + $2.300 sales tax
Pool $1.070 sales tax
Pool -$1.070 sales tax
General Fund $0.995 property tax
GESP $1.800 internal funding
Swimmers $0.400 private
Hockey $0.060 private
Seniors $2.300 private

I was not willing to give the additional nearly $1 million in general tax resources. That would endanger our AAA rating and take funds that are used for police, fire, parks, road maintenance, library, and other needed services.

Instead I am proposing that the city come up with the $1 million by a different means. We expect the Senior Center to donate two downtown parking lots to the project. This is worth about $600k. The remaining difference can be made up by user fees, loans to user groups, or city contingency.

I am also going to ask for quarterly capital campaign reports from the Senior Center. If the Senior Center is financially unable to meet their obligations the council will reconsider tenant space. I requested Senior Center financial information and did not receive it prior to being asked to give $1 million.

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