2014 Crime in Rochester

Sometimes media reports can skew what is really happening in a community.

Crime in Rochester decreased slightly from 2013 to 2014 with the total number of crimes dropping from 5,850 to 5,828, a decrease of .3%.  When adjusted for a modest population increase, the crime rate in the City decreased by 1.4%.   This represents an historical low for the past 40 years.

Serious (part 1) crime dropped from 2,780 to 2,430, a decrease of 12.6%, primarily due to a drop of 11.5% in larceny cases.

Violent crime, (murder, rape, robbery and assault), decreased by 5.6%.   Rape decreased from 51 to 45, an 11.8% drop. Robbery decreased from 54 to 52, a 3.7% drop. Serious assault cases decreased from 110 to 107, a 2.7% drop.

Violent crime rates are 56% lower in Rochester than in other similar size cities in the US.  Property crime rates are 37% lower.

Overall clearance rates increased from 46% to 48%.  Clearance rates for serious (part 1) crimes increased from 34% to 35%.  Clearance rates for other crimes (part 2) remained steady at 57%.

The clearance rate for violent crimes is 11% higher than similar sized cities in the US.  The clearance rate for property crimes is 15% higher.

There were 10 complaints against staff in 2014 compared to 8 in 2013 and 16 in 2012.  The majority of complaints continue to be initiated by police staff in regard to rule violations, not the general public.

We were successful in the development of an oversight commission to address community concerns regarding police policy and practice which should be operational within the next few months.

The Police Department finished the year $315,124.32 below budget.

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