Mac’s 12/15/14 letter to the council and my response.

Probably my favorite comment from another council member at the break was:

I wanted to allow Mac to speak to see if he would bury himself and he certainly did.

Mac Hamilton letter to Council:

Honorable Mayor and council members:

Item E4 on tonight’s City Council agenda asks you to consider the license agreement granted by the Rochester City Council dated October 27, 2011 to M2R2, LLC, the group that developed the Richard apartments.

The license was granted by the council in recognition of the fact that the developers conceptualized and entirely paid for the creation of 5 new parking spaces within the West boulevard of 7th Avenue Southwest.  The license issued by the City “allow(s) the owner to install signs at these parking stalls indicating parking is not intended for the general public, but is intended only for residents of the Richard”.

Council member Wojick was a member of the City Council at the time the license agreement was approved.  It is disturbing that he would encourage other citizens, in direct violation of a legal agreement in which he was a part, to park in these spaces specifically reserved for residents of the Richard.  After repeated violations by one “offender” that, as it turned out was specifically directed to park there by Mr. Wojick, and after windshield notices failed to dissuade this party, our site manager made the decision to tow the “offender”.  Upon learning of that the building ownership instructed the site manager to locate the towed party, apologize and reimburse them for the towing charges.  Upon reimbursement the violator said she believed parking there would be OK as Mr. Wojick suggested she park there.

We have instructed our staff that towing from these spaces goes beyond the “reasonable steps” to preserve parking exclusivity granted us in the parking license.  We have altered our signage by removing the “violators will be towed” language, as shown in the attached photo.

We request the council honor the intent of the parking license agreement and permit the agreement to remain in place.

Thank you,

Mac Hamilton  CCIM, SIOR, CPM

Michael Wojcik

Parking there is OK and continues to be OK, myself and dozens of other have parked there because it is OK. There are no offenders because there is no offense… You understood that as you could see in the video I created. What is not OK is charging people to park in a publicly owned parking spot. That is theft by swindle and I don’t want to be a part of that.
If in fact I violated a legal agreement you have a legal recourse, have fun with that. If you think I abused my powers we have an ethics commission that can hear that, have fun with that as well…
Have a good day…
Steve, for the council.
Terry, please be prepared to explain why there is not violation of an agreement and why any person can park in that spot any time they would like. This is not a public hearing so this will be staff and council discussion unless Mac receives special favors.

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