Richard Special Parking Favors

Here are my comments, I am happy to correct anything that is shown to be incorrect.  Neighborhoods have been hurt, people have been hurt, and at some point we need to stop the games. I did offer Mac to explain how the 4 items are factually incorrect and said I would publish he responses.

I am asking the council to end the special favors granted to Mac Hamilton and the Richard Apartments because they took illegal action against an innocent victim. The victim was one of dozens of people I have made aware of their undisputed right to park in a public parking space since 2011. In executing their legal right, their vehicle was illegally towed away by the Richard apartments, and the victim was threatened and manipulated by Moody’s towing in to paying a fee even after Moody’s understood that the towing was illegal.

Our Chief of Police felt that charges were made more challenging because of the signs, which were allowed because of a special favor we did for Mac. Lesson learned…

A key issue that should factor in a decision as to whether Mac and the Richard Apartments should continue to receive special favors is whether the public can trust Mac Hamilton to be responsible with the signage. We can’t.

Mac has a history of lying to public bodies including this one, let’s review the recent facts.  Keep in mind that I am just looking at verifiable lies and not discussing other shady actions like his attempt to sabotage Metropolitan Marketplace in favor of his own embarrassingly bad project.  Most of us remember how Mac essentially stole $50,000 with that maneuver.  All of the following examples of Mac providing false information to public bodies are verifiable by meeting minutes, video recordings, or media coverage.

1)            In response to neighborhood allegations that Mac modified the Richard apartments from the approved plans, Mac was asked to respond. Mac told this body that he did everything required. I did not trust Mac and had staff investigate. As it turns our Mac cut a number of corners and subsequently lied to the council about it.

2)            On the 5th on 5th project the neighborhood expressed a number of concerns about staging of construction equipment and impacts on the surrounding area including a public alleyway. Mac assured the council and neighborhood that the site would be managed in such a way to avoid the use of the alleyway. In reality no such attempt was ever made. The neighborhood and I have documented by photo numerous violations of this promise. Staff has also been involved in addressing a number of environmental violations related to storm water management, or the complete lack of it. The developer has closed public roadways many times with out legal authorization to do so. The use of heavy equipment on both the alleyway and adjacent properties has resulted in the destruction of large parts of the public alleyway, sidewalks, private driveways and a west facing retaining wall. Because Mac made no attempt to keep his word, both public and private landowners stand to face financial losses. I have asked public works staff to initiate actions to ensure that all public assets are replaced by the developer at no public cost. However, to date I have not received a response.

3)            Mac made a claim to Judge Stevens that reviewing the significance of the historic Connolly home would result in imminent financial losses due to a delay in schedule.  This also was a false statement.  In fact, Mac was nowhere near ready to break ground and had failed to meet the conditions of the development.  Mac, in fact, never intended to meet the conditions of the development and was not able to proceed with development until he receive special favors from the city council and also presented a required signed parking contract only several months later.  Mac never faced any imminent financial losses.  I believe the claims of imminent financial losses were an act of verifiable fiction orchestrated to manipulate Judge Stevens.

4)            Last and most relevant, was Mac’s lie that he sent to all council members (myself excluded). You might recall that after the Richard Apartments broke the law and towed a vehicle from a public spot Mac wrote the following statement, “It was our sincere understanding, until informed by Terry Adkins this morning, that we had the exclusive right to the parking spaces we carved from the overwide boulevard and paid to create in 2010.” This would have been a totally understandable explanation of an innocent mistake if it had not been a lie. Setting aside Mac’s inability to spell my name correct, reference the correct year, or reference the correct towing company this note was still a total work of fiction. Many of you have seen the video from the meeting where Mac had it explained to him multiple times and acknowledged that he could take no actions for enforcement.

The Richard apartments are also currently engaged in what I would refer to as theft by swindle. The Richard apartments are charging tenants for parking in a publically owned parking spot.  We are participants in this swindle by allowing these signs that contribute to the manipulation of innocent people.

Mac is here asking for special favors yet again because we have been so willing to give him special favors in the past. After he was caught in violation of the Richard development agreement and lying about it, he didn’t even have to go through our legally required change process and pay the associated fees.  Rather he just went to the council and asked for a special favor to just accept many of his unauthorized changes without having to follow the rules, apply or pay required fees. And we went along with it.

Mac wants you to trust him to not do the very thing that they just did. It is my belief that Mac has made a number of deliberate false statements and should not be trusted. It is my belief that we should not endanger the rights of citizens. It is my belief that we should not aid in the swindle of uninformed renters. It is my request that we immediately take these signs down. In discussing this with the victim, she also believes that the signs should be removed.

No special favors. Remove the signs. Please show the video on how this was explained to Mac.

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