St. Mary’s Reservoir Construction & Reflection

Here is a time lapse of the replacement of the RPU Reservoir near St. Mary’s.

Approving this was a tough vote because this was a good decision for the city of Rochester and a bad decision for 1 block of citizens that lived closest to the site.  Complicating the matter was the fact that I serve on the RPU Board AND represent the neighborhood AND was up for reelection at the time.

Ultimately the tank was forced to the corner because Mayo was unwilling to provide any land to set the tank back more.


  • My number one goal was to not lose a single inch of parkland and we were successful.
  • The project is located on land that the city leases solely for the purpose of water storage and has for decades.
  • Pretty nice design for a water tank with extensive neighborhood interaction.
  • The design, location and operations will save the city millions.  Every other site considered took public lands from other neighborhoods and cost much more.
  • Significant park improvements occurred and many quality trees were planted as a result of this project.

Lessons learned:

  • The Mayo signage was handled inappropriately, staff made a decision that should have gone to the city council.
  • Lighting came as a bit of surprise.  It is done for security reasons.  Some neighbors hate it but an equal number have expressed that they are OK with it.
One last thing:
  • We got a number of nice trees planted, but I am going to try to get a few more on the South and Southeast sides.


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