Charter correspondance

Here is my most recent letter to Charter and my responses.  I respect the ongoing discussion, but I want action.  I want results.

10/30/14 Letter from Charter

  • Because we value the public’s right to oversee the job we do, public channel locations should hold an easily accessible location as required by our current contract.
  • Charter has turned digital boxes from a service delivery tool into a profit center.  Our citizens should be able to purchase boxes at a reasonable price and not face monthly fees for cards or HD.
  • 1/3 of our kids in school receive free or reduced lunch.  None of those families can afford the $55 per month for basic unbundled broadband access.  Regardless of income broadband is vital for all people looking to find a job, receive education, apply for assistance, or just exist in a modern society.  Broadband is a critical need, not unlike water, sanitation, or energy.
  • The citizens of Rochester deserve better service. I expect our next franchise agreement will set standards for customer service addressing wait times and clear communication of rates and charges.
  • Rochester citizens deserve clear transparent pricing.  The deal that a person threatening to leave Charter receives should not be different from a widowed senior who is not comfortable bargaining with trained sales people.
  • In order to maintain leverage and prevent future abuses we must limit franchise agreements to 1 year.
  • We must minimize hurdles for companies wishing to do business in Rochester.  We can allow businesses to serve smaller parts of the community, or create deals where we build a fiber backbone and lease capacity as an alternate means to enter the community.
  • Your comments on the wages paid in Rochester do not live up to your promise to share how many jobs pay a living wage.  Your starting wage of $11.50 is not a living wage which in Rochester is closer to $13.50 to $14 per hour.  The information shared fails to live up to the commitment to share how many of Charter’s jobs in Rochester pay a living wage.
  • At this point promises of change remain just empty promises.

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