Energy Commission

Do you have a passion for energy and love working for free?  The Rochester Energy Commission is ALWAYS looking for quality members.


Do you want to see a more sustainable and resource-efficient Rochester?

The City of Rochester Energy Commission (REC) has been established and is poised to play a key role. We are contacting you and/or your organization, to invite you to join us as we make it happen. Complete information about the REC is available on our Website.

We focus on the issues of energy, water use, solid waste, transportation and greenhouse gas emissions. The Energy Action Plan we create will then be voted on by the city council. After passage, it will be part of the city’s Comprehensive Plan.

There are three ways that you can help:

  1. Inform yourself and share news of our existence with your networks.
  2. Volunteer to help with special projects and/or when we form issue-specific focus groups.
  3. Consider serving on the Commission. From time to time, especially at year’s end, openings appear on the Commission. In January 2015, multiple openings will appear.

We seek a Commission consisting of women and men with any of these qualities:

  • a scientific, technical, trades, social science, business or education background,
  • a strong connection to our area’s youth, or
  • a solid connection to our minority or New American community.

Retired Individuals are of particular interest.

To apply for a seat on the REC, complete the online application form or contact the Mayor’s office at 328.2700.

For more information contact Jeff Ellerbusch at 328.7132

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you.
Edward L. Cohen, Chair
Rochester Energy Commission

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