I hope I don’t get excommunicated

Ok this was pretty funny.  An email chain drew the attention of a staff member or two and how it happened is pretty funny.

Typically I have one or two quotes that I find to be inspirational after the signature at the bottom of my emails.  Currently there are two.

“No one is big enough to be independent of others” – Dr. Will Mayo


“Take care of God’s creation. But above all, take care of people in need.” – Pope Francis

Hopefully these are pretty non-controversial and speak to shared values in our community.  However do to a part of some email chain being cut off the last quote appeared like this.

f people in need.” – Pope Francis

Oops.  As one staff member suggested.

Fortunately that is not my signature line, and I am pretty sure that quote goes against everything Pope Francis stands for.

So I would like to apologize for my role in falsely suggesting that Pope Francis doesn’t care for people in need.  I hope I don’t get excommunicated.

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