More on Mac Hamilton’s illegal parking enforcement actions

As part of my community service I do my best to make sure public contracts are honored, citizens are not victimized, and if injustices do take place, I work to correct it and notify my constituents through various communication tools such as my city council website. I have expressed a number of concerns about Mac Hamilton and this is the latest.

This is what Mac Hamilton wrote on November 3, 2014

It has come to my attention that my close personal friend Michael Wojick intends to ask the City Council this evening to revoke the parking license granted the Richard/Raymond apartments in 2010.  It was our sincere understanding, until informed by Terry Adkins this morning, that we had the exclusive right to the parking spaces we carved from the overwide boulevard and paid to create in 2010.  We now understand we do not have the right to tow, but only to notify a car parked without our authorization in those spaces.

As a result of this action an innocent woman was victimized and had her vehicle illegally towed.  President Staver feels that I am culpable for recommending a legal activity to a citizen.  I disagree.  He also asserted that this was a political game.  It is not, I have been recommending people park in these spots and parking there myself for years.

But maybe this was an honest mistake and Mac is telling the truth.  Maybe Mac never knew he couldn’t tow vehicles.  Lets check the video from 2011…

A brief review:

  • City Attorney Adkins explains twice Mac can not restrict parking.
  • Ed Hruska explains once that Mac can not restrict parking.
  • Mac acknowledges he can not restrict parking or tow vehicles…

On December 1, I will ask the city council to eliminate this special favor granted to Mac’s development that resulted in an innocent woman being made a victim.


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