Mac Hamilton thinks I am abusing my power…

for telling a woman in search of a good parking spot where a legal place to park is.  Enjoy the read…

Mac’s ignorance of the parking situation would be more believable is we hadn’t explained it to him twice…

From: Mac Hamilton []
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2014 2:53 PM
To: Staver, Randy; Means, Sandra; Bilderback, Mark; Hickey, Mark; Hruska, Ed; Snyder, Bruce
Cc: Kvenvold, Steve; Adkins, Terry; Michael Busch; ADAMS MELISSA (
Subject: FW: Moody’s towing

It has come to my attention that my close personal friend Michael Wojick intends to ask the City Council this evening to revoke the parking license granted the Richard/Raymond apartments in 2010.  It was our sincere understanding, until informed by Terry Adkins this morning, that we had the exclusive right to the parking spaces we carved from the overwide boulevard and paid to create in 2010.  We now understand we do not have the right to tow, but only to notify a car parked without our authorization in those spaces.

Mr. Wojick will site as the reason for revocation of the license the fact that we did tow a car parked in one of those spaces.  Mr. wojick deliberately, and with malice of forethought, directed this poor woman to park there.  This is verified by her statement’s to Virgil’s towing and by tracing back Mr. Wojick’s twitter records.  This is a set up!  Do you believe it is appropriate for one of our City’s leaders to abuse his power by trying to set up adverse outcomes so that he can vindictively have a basis to try and damage one of the tasteful infill developments in our City?

We are immediately reimbursing this woman for the towing bill now that we understand the limits on our authority.

This is from the meeting minutes of October 3, 2011:

Councilmember Snyder asked what the difference between a temporary license and a revocable permit and why there is no date for the expiration of the temporary license.

Regular Meeting No. 20 – October 3, 2011

Attorney Adkins explained that a temporary license revocable at the City’s pleasure was chosen for the unique circumstances with this development. The temporary license will allow them to post signs that the parking is intended for residents of The Richard. The temporary license will not reserve parking on public streets for any private entity. 

This was also explained to Mac at the September 19, 2011 meeting.


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