Taxi fare examples

Here are some examples of how real fares will changes with the new rate structure.  These increases are needed for the viability of local businesses and the needs of workers that can’t afford to make ends meet.

I was out of town this week-end so I didn’t receive your phone message until late last evening.  You had called asking about some typical taxi fares based on the current versus proposed fares.  I received a spreadsheet from the task force that outlines some examples.  I had asked for some examples in the area of a 5 mile trip.  They informed me that the average trip distance is 4 miles but nevertheless provided the examples listed below.

From To Miles Old Fare New Fare Variance
Kahler Grand St Marys 1.2 $6.17 $7.38 $1.21
Kahler Grand Wal-Mart South 3 $10.22 $13.48 $3.26
Kahler Grand Paragon Chateau Theatres 3.5 $11.35 $15.18 $3.83
Kahler Grand Rochester Int. Airport 11.1 $28.44 $28.00 -$0.44 

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