Disappointing AV issues

Not sure what to say besides this is frustrating…  Terry does a great job.

As the Council is aware, a new video switcher / scheduler system was recently installed.  This equipment is needed to push out the broadcast of meetings.  This equipment was purchased and installed by EPA Audio Visual under the State contract.   Since the time of this new switcher  installation there have been issues with the audio system feed from the Council Chambers into the A/V equipment in the sound room.  Custom Communications has been down here on several occasions to try and get this issue resolved, and as of last week, we thought it was working properly.  In fact, it was not the case, as it did not work last evening for the Council meeting, and so we were unable to broadcast the meeting by either web stream or across Channel 19.  I am sure you are all frustrated with this seemingly ongoing problem, but I can assure you that your level of frustration is nowhere near mine.  I could sit here and lay out a number of reasons and / or excuses, but that is pointless.  The bottom line is that this needs to be resolved satisfactorily as soon as possible.  Custom is aware of last night’s issue, and I am awaiting their return call to come in here and get it fixed.

I am not going to lay the blame with Custom, as the audio problem only arose after EPA did the new equipment install.  Custom has been here on several occasions to try and fix it, but for some reason has not been successful in doing so.    I know some may think we should go with another provider, but there are several things at play here.  First and foremost, this is sophisticated equipment, and so things do go awry from time to time.  Getting someone who is not local to come in and work on this is very expensive because they are charging for all of their drive time, and also they are not as timely in getting here to do the repairs.  They are also not as familiar with the system, so that can be an issue as well.


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