MnDOT expands online bicycle route-finding tool statewide

Thank you MnDOT!  Though Cyclopath does sound a little bit like psychopath..

MnDOT expands online bicycle route-finding tool statewide

Cyclopath map helps bicyclists find, rate best routes

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Bicyclists planning routes throughout the state can now use an editable, interactive online map called Cyclopath to help customize their trips, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Cyclopath is designed to find bicycle routes using ratings from other bicyclists. Originally launched in 2008 in the Twin Cities, the tool is now available statewide.

Bicyclists can select the type of route they prefer, including routes that favor trails and bikes lanes, routes with the highest user ratings or with the shortest distance between two points.

Bicyclists keep the map up-to-date by entering personal “bikeability” ratings and sharing information about travel experiences and road conditions. This shared data improves information for other bicyclists.

Cyclopath also contains MnDOT’s complete road network and most of its trails. As new bicycle infrastructure gets added, bicyclists can edit the map to reflect changes to the bicycle network as soon as they happen.

The map is available for desktop computers at Android users can download an app from the website.

“As the bicycle network expands, we hope to see good information from the people who use it,” said Tim Mitchell, state bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. “Cyclopath information for the Twin Cities is very complete and includes most bike trails and facilities. We encourage bicyclists to add trails and edit roads to show bike lanes and facilities in Greater Minnesota. This has the potential to be a great asset to the state.”

MnDOT developed Cyclopath in partnership with the University of Minnesota and the Metropolitan Council.

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