Persistence and progress at Mayo Civic Center

The Mayo Civic Center rehabilitation & expansion process started before I was elected.  The current plans do a nice job of creating a unified and attractive facade on the West and South sides.  The East side sadly continues to hide Mayo park.  Over the last 6 years I have raise a number of concerns about ignoring perhaps the ugliest side, the North side.

Center Street is the gateway to the Eastside neighborhood.   Today it is pretty ugly, but in 10 years, it could be special.  Removing the ramp over West center street, redeveloping the Wells Fargo site.  Better development around the Residence at Old Town Hall and some other accumulated lands could really help.  We could also create a better connection to the river.  One of the easiest things is doing a little to help the North side of the Mayo Civic Center.

We don’t have much money at this point, but here is a relatively inexpensive concept to help a little.  Those of you that love concrete and blank steel doors, sorry in advance.

Mayo Civic Center North Concept

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