Note regarding Holiday Inn Express from 12/16/12

Needless to say this did not get handled well enough.

A concerned citizen delivered me a piece of exterior stone that fell from the Holiday Inn Express on 2nd Street. Police have been notified. I have also notified the public.

This is at least the 3rd time that stone has fallen off that building. After the first time I expressed my concern, I was told by building safety that the risk had been addressed.

I suggest that the sidewalk be shut down until temporary structures can be built to protect pedestrians can be erected at building owner expense.

At our 3:30 meeting Monday I would like an update on what staff is doing to address the issue. I would like to see an investigation launched to find out how such shoddy construction can be done in the city of Rochester, how it passed inspection, and why so many architectural and landscaping standards that were required as part of the project were never done. This last part would include the significant changes to the landscaping, roof line and features on 2nd street.

Also Randy,

Do you know who the general contractor was on this project? Who did the stone work?

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