Nicholas Apartments approved

At the urging of the neighborhood the city council reduce parking requirements on the Nicholas Project (5-2 vote) Snyder, Hruska and approved the building 7-0.  However in doing so many points were clarified and conditions added.

I am a weak supporter of the project.  I am concerned about the massing of the building and the details that are forth coming.  Hear are a few things that are required.

  • The developer must add 7 parking spots to the standard set forth by the city ordinances.
  • The Historic Preservation Commission will review homes before demolition permits are issued.
  • The Kutzky Home and Conley home are likely to be relocated.
  • The balconies must be full (3 exceptions).
  • AC Units must match and be hidden behind balcony railings.  I think this is still tacky, but better than before.
  • Utilities in the Right-of-way must be buried as was shown on the plans.
  • The site plan must be executed as shown including plantings, brick walls, seating areas, and other features.
  • The building elevations must be build as shown including materials as shown.
  • Additional details such as any agreement with neighbors, is not part of the city council business.

I think that amount of parking is OK for this site.  I think the building is pretty good looking save for some tackiness like individual ACs.  My concern is that massing.  This brings a 50′ tall building into the neighborhood and I think that is too tall.  That said the neighbors were OK with the compatibility.  I would have preferred to have seen something similar to the staff recommendations, but in making the compromise motions I was able to ensure many of the details.


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