City council to discuss Taxi fares

I am still learning new things, one was that the city council actually sets fares by ordinance.


It turns out that our fares are very low and we should probably check to insure that our fare rates are such that we don’t have drivers in poverty.  Here are a few things that I would like to consider.

  1. Set rates that are competitive, but also sustain living wage jobs.
  2. Ensure that we have a minimum standard for cars.
  3. Ensure a minimum standard and license taxi drivers.
  4. Make it easier to start a cab company.

The council has previously not agreed with me on #4.  Currently we require 15 cars to start a cab company.  This means that only the wealthy can compete.  If we have standards for cars and drivers, we do not need a minimum number of cars to ensure quality.  Taxi driver is a great opportunity for immigrants and others interested in starting a business, so I want to make it accessible.

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