A successful community center

I have raised a number of issues and offered a number of solutions regarding the proposed community center improvements.  Many of the points I am willing to compromise on, some are just too important to the future of the community to ignore.  For the project to get my blessing these points must be addressed.

  1. The energy pig must be slaughtered – In staff’s own words and in B3 data the current facility wastes energy.  The cost of doing nothing amounts to $6.5 million in todays dollars just thrown away by my estimate.  After pressing staff they acknowledged that we could fund energy improvements outside of the $20 million and pay our selves back with the energy savings.  This MUST be done, the new facility must at least meet the B3 standard.
  2. The future must not be sacrificed – The site plan should allow for future urban uses, especially on the Broadway side of the site.  I suggested 1 way that could accomplish this, I am sure that there are many, the bottom line is that the future corner of Broadway and Elton Hills Dr. should not be surface parking.
  3. Safe transit orientation is a must – any drop off that requires internal circulation is short sited at best.  Walkways to the north of buildings are treacherous for seniors.  By simply aligning the building adjacent to the street, easy convenient access is achieved.
  4. Citizen input must be addressed – despite a promise to involve CUDE throughout the process, CUDE and the Energy Commission never saw the plans until the council forced staff to do so.  Now that those bodies have raised concerns, they should be addressed.

I continue to be troubled by the fact that staff made a number of commitments to the community and failed to follow through.  If these 4 items can be addressed I would be comfortable on compromising on other issues and moving the project forward.


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