Video recording of staff promises regarding the recreation center

When Rochester Parks Staff wanted my to support moving the Recreation Center project forward last July this is what they promised the community.

  1. Land and money are limited. I understand and respect this challenge.
  2. Walkable as possible all around, potential for heated / covered sidewalks.
  3. Work with transit to maximize number of busses.  Try for front door access.  Traffic study.  Site parking circulation study.
  4. Involve the CUDE committee throughout the process.
  5. Energy efficiency, work with RPU, solar, geothermal, waste energy.  Hot side and cold side do not work together.
  6. Improve building appearance from broadway / Elton Hills Dr.
Prior to this meeting back in May staff had also promised:
  1. 1 plan showing an urban transit oriented use of planned uses.
  2. A second plan showing what was possible on the site in the future.

Here is how staff described the current Recreation Center last July.

Especially, the existing recreation center is not very efficient at all.

I was frustrated with the first pass of the building because staff ignored July items 2-5 and did a mediocre job on 6.  Staff also has yet to deliver the items from May.  I hope what we see on March 17, 2014 is better.

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