City staff promises on the community center

Remember when senior city staff and the parks department promised:

  1. A plan that showed an urban use of just the uses currently planned
  2. A second plan that showed what could be done in the future

I sure do.

Then when this project came back to the council, the study of site potential never happened because as project leader Dale McCamish put it,

You were the only one that wanted it.

or as Senior Center Board President Dr. Eric Tangalos wrote,

Conducting discussions with housing, hotel and retail developers was beyond the scope of this project.

Let’s check the video recording:

If we had the Committee of the Whole also recorded you would also see staff promising to bring back energy options.

In reality the Council was brought a suburban design that was not transit oriented.  Then not only did they fail bring the promised site master plan, they designed the addition to the Recreation Center in such a way that it will prevent future development along Broadway.

Some people wonder why I repeat discussions with staff.  Well here it is…

The Park and Rec Department knew about it.

I was skeptical of certain staff members commitment to follow through on their promises so I finished with the line,

Well everyone knows about it now.

At the March 17, meeting I will ask staff why they did not deliver what they said they would when there were pushing the council to approve the RFP.  I have asked that we record COW meetings many times and I will ask again on March 17th.


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