City administrator reminds staff not to respond to my concerns

It is very frustrating to see these kind of notes.  What is implied here is that staff should not work to address the issues that I have raised.  Nor should they address the Energy Commission’s concerns, nor should they address CUDE’s concerns.  I have seen this a number of times and it irritates me every time.

Kvenvold, Steve

9:39 AM (10 minutes ago)

to directorcouncilpreside., Paul, me, Gary, Dale, Mike, rodtoomey
 To All:  There is a lot of discussion recently about the Senior Center/Rec. Center project and ideas are being discussed on possible ways to redesign the project. I would like to remind everyone that any design or redesign of the Rec. Center should be directed by a majority of the Park Board with the  concurrence of the majority of the Mayor and City Council. Stevan


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