Water lines freezing in Rochester

 News flash: It’s been cold winter in Southern Minnesota

From: Cary Johnson
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 2:09 PM
To: Tony Benson; Stephanie Humphrey; Patty Hanson
Cc: Mark Kotschevar; Larry Koshire; Walter Schlink; Heidi Andrist
Subject: Frozen Water Services

Here is a recap of what we have for frozen services today and where we are at with regards to thawing.

We have recorded approximately 150 frozen services to date. These are only calls that have come into RPU. We know some customers are not calling RPU with this information and are just calling plumbing contractors on their own. There is no way to know this information however, as many of these customers are on numerous plumber’s lists.

The Water Services Assured program has recorded 56 frozen service calls to date.

We have thawed 46 of these customers.

RPU crews have thawed 23 of these 46 frozen services.

RPU has 4 Service Assured customers that can’t be thawed by water jetting, or welding. These customers have been supplied temporary water and we are gearing up to excavate the yards to thaw these 4 services.

RPU has 6 Service Assured customers on the list yet to be thawed. All these calls were received Monday, February 17th.

RPU has just over 500 customers that have called in reporting they are running their water to prevent their service from freezing.

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Manager of Maintenance and Construction – Water Operations

Rochester Public Utilities

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Email: cjohnson@rpu.org

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