Why sidewalks matter

This person who submitted a note to the city chose to be anonymous, but their needs matter too.

A quick thank you for your Post Bulletin comments regarding snow removal in Rochester. I sent in a response but it was not printed. I am elderly, wear knee braces and own a heart that is arrhythmic. I walk my dog several times a day in the SE. It is an endurance act when some neighbors allow their sidewalks to pile with snow and ice. Able bodied adults and teens that live in these homes seem privileged and for no known physical reasons, won’t clear their walks and drives for days. (Even with my limitations, I am able to do so. So should everyone else!) Please ensure there are no changes to the 24 hour rule. Run a few ads in local media so folks know the law. Many are incredulous when I advise them of it. Thanks, keep up your great efforts!

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