Problems with Lametti & Sons

I had requested that city staff detail issues with the 2nd street NW project in Kutzky Park.  Many neighbors were furious at the needless destruction of generational trees by a careless Lametti & Sons.  The city is not 100% innocent on this either and we have created a tree protection policy as a result of our issues.  We also instuitued a number of other improvements based on lessons learned.  However if all of staffs findings are shown to be correct I am not comfortable with Lametti & Sons continuing to work in Rochester.  This report indicates gross neglect by Lametti & Sons.  Interestingly they had performed quality work for Rochester in the past, but this project was not handled in an acceptable manner.

Public Works Summary of Lametti & Sons Performance

I have also requested via staff that Lametti & Sons be given an opportunity to respond and will also offer Kutzky Park an opportunity to respond.

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