State wide utility rates including RPU

A quick look basically shows that our per unit changes including “adjustments” is pretty typical for MN.  However our base energy charge is higher.  This means that our rates tend to be regressive and offers less incentive for conservation.  RPU will be doing a rate study in 2014 and I have offered some suggestions to reduce the base charge.  Keep in mind the differences are pretty small, but do exist.

2 things that I think should change is that the base charge should be lower (and thus per unit cost higher).  Secondly I think that we should have progressive rates where the first level of pricing is cheaper and the cost gets progressively more expensive.  Thus people have more of a reward for saving energy.

MN Utility Rates (including RPU).

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  1. I’m glad to hear that this is being looked at! I recently moved, but in my previous house I spent a number of years and $ making the 1890 home more efficient. It consumed very little electricity and water. A shocking percentage of my RPU bill was the base customer charges. At that point, even reducing my consumption by 100% wouldn’t have done much for my bill. As you pointed out, I had no incentive to conserve more, even though I easily could have.

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