E-Cigs: My 2 cents

As you know the city council banned E-cigs in places where smoking is banned here is my 2 cents.  Transparency is good, right?

1) I don’t know if second hand “smoke” is an issue with E-cigs.  It is up to manufactures to show their product safe through peer reviewed and published scientific studies.  My suspicion is that second hand “smoke” is not an issue but I am not smart enough to make that call.  Despite claims otherwise the jury is still out.  Second hand smoke is not a reason to ban the devices in my opinion.

2) E-cigs are a drug delivery device (fact) and currently lack sufficient regulation and oversight in my opinion.

3) E-cigs are being abused by middle schoolers and high schoolers and that is an issue (fact).  One of the biggest successes of smoking bans is the de-normalization of the behavior.  For all the reasons that de-normalizing smoking at the Library, Peace Plaza, Mayo Campus, Riverside Concerts, and Bus Shelters is good policy, so is this.

4) I believe the E-cig products are being marketed to children.  Look no further that the setup at Apache Mall right in front of Gymboree.  Butterscotch and other flavors are aimed at kids in the same way that Joe Camel was.  Opinion. The Apache Mall should get its act together because this is pretty sad.  And by the way, I got a demonstration of the product at the mall and later found out that was against mall policy. Fact

5) E-cigs have helped some people to quit smoking.  That is fact.  I doubt however that scientific studies will show that as a quit aid it will rise to the level of effectiveness to be prescribed as such.  Why do I doubt this? Because Dr. Richard Hurt of the Mayo Nicotine Research Center doubts it.  Time and scientific review will tell. Opinion

6) I do think that E-cigs should be legal, but controlled, regulated, and taxed like other drugs.

420) I do not think banning the product or bans in general are productive.  The war on drugs is one of the biggest failures in American history.  We spent a trillion dollars to not change drug use stats and make cartels more dangerous and violent.  We have destroyed lives and done so in a way that disproportionately impacts minorities, especially African Americans.  Not only do I think E-cigs should not be banned, I think some things that are banned should be legalized, regulated, and taxed.  Regulation and taxes get better results than bans.  Simply put you can not legislate against peoples appetites.

I know some don’t agree with this policy so if you want to get rid of all 7 of us on the council, the mayor, and then the library staff, you can do that through the election process.  I stand by my vote.

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