Leaves + Sewer = Bad

Fall has arrived and the leaves are starting to drop. If they fall or are raked onto the street, they will get washed into storm sewers and carried into our lakes and streams. As they decompose, phosphorus is released (the nutrient that turns our lakes and rivers green with algae) and oxygen is removed from the water.

What residents can do to help “Keep It Clean” this Fall:

  • Keep leaves out of the street, storm drains, and public lands.
  • Mulch leaves in your yard or make a backyard compost site for them.
  • Take leaves to the Olmsted County compost site, free of charge, at 305 Silver Creek Road NE, just across from the recycling center. (The site is open 7 days a week during daylight hours.)
  • Place your waste and recycling bins on the boulevard rather than in the street. This will help facilitate the cleaning of the streets by City street sweepers.
  • Remove debris from the storm drain if rain is on its way and the sweepers haven’t yet passed. This will help prevent the drain from being clogged.

See the attached document to learn more about how to “Keep It Clean” this fall!

Megan Duffey Moeller

Storm Water Educator

City of Rochester Public Works Department

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