Press Release on Grassroots Gathering in Rochester.

For Immediate Release:

Councilman Michael Wojcik encourages media not to empower or cover hate groups in Rochester.   Councilman Wojcik encourages citizens to not engage with hate groups.  Local law enforcement will ensure the safety of all.

On August 1st from 7 AM to 9 AM a grassroots group will be meeting at Central Park in downtown Rochester, MN to celebrate our welcoming and inclusive community.  We are gathering to demonstrate love and respect for all people of Rochester on this historic day.

Our event is open to all community members who wish to show the world a peaceful and loving Rochester.

This gathering was organized in response to a group intending to direct hate towards members of our community.  This group is recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I will not mention the name of the group and I urge local media to also not give publicity to this group.

The goal of this group is two fold, to gather media attention and create conflict.  By generating press coverage they achieve the needed attention to attract funds from those that share their hate.  By ignoring them and instead showing support for all in our community we overcome them.  In providing this hate group media exposure, the media itself is influencing the results.

In my capacity as a community leader, I am only serving to organize and protect those that wanted to do something.  Media is invited to join the community at Central Park.  Many from the community will share thoughts.  I will also arrange interviews with organizers upon request.

One last thing, I expect some singing Rochester…

Michael Wojcik

Rochester City Council

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