Note on history of Core Neighborhood Zoning (CN-NR)

Here is a great note I recieved explaining the history and reasons for passing Core Neighborhood Zoning.  I am glad that it passed, but 4-2 was disappointing.  I remain disappointed in some of the statements associating density with crime coming from the Eastside Neighborhood.

I will be unable to attend tonight’s meeting because of family obligations, so I thought I would send out an e-mail with my thoughts. Sean and/or Kellie from IK will be in attendance and will probably speak to this issue.

I ask that you support this tonight. It’s the first and an important step toward making a real change in our neighborhood.

The reason Imagine Kutzky was started back in 2004 was because of all the development pressure we were experiencing. Because the zoning code was created to address primarily cornfield and auto dependent development, it doesn’t fit with the urban style of development in the city’s core that was built pre- WW II. Then and still now, every new development requires an Incentive or Restricted Development, multiple variances and design modifications….because they are following these “rules” (zoning). The neighborhoods want walkability, good urban design, quality materials, landscaping, etc and the rules don’t mention that. So developers get mixed messages – the city rules say this and the neighborhoods say something different. It’s a frustrating process for everyone.

So that’s why we started Imagine Kutzky – To create a new set of rules that everyone can live with and make the process more predictable and efficient.

In 2006 we amended the Land Use Plan which is necessary if you are going to revise the zoning.

In 2005 we created Urban Design Guidelines, but since the city was not interested in a design review process/board, that idea was abandoned.

In 2007, we developed a comprehensive Form Based Zoning Ordinance – that means regulating what things actually look like – where the building go on the lot, where the parking goes, where the doors and windows should be, etc. It was full of pictures, graphics, plans and is meant to be easy to understand. Our goal was to make an ordinance that is simple to read, comprehensive (signage, lighting, landscaping, parking, etc) that would make development more predictable. It was not perfect. From 2007-2010, we met over 40 times with the planning staff to discuss and amend the specific language.

In late 2007 – 2008, we decided to move forward with the 2nd st. corridor study. This study re-enforced many of the Imagine Kutzky principles, and is also now a part of the city’s comprehensive plan.

In 2011 we (city planning staff and IK) decided to move forward with the “low hanging fruit”, which is the low density, single family areas – the CN-NR – which is before you tonight. This has been thoroughly vetted with numerous neighborhood meetings and dozens of IK meetings. It’s not perfect, but no ordinance is. We ask that you approve this tonight and support actually mapping it in the very near future (in Kutzky Park)….and then request that the Planning Dept. move forward with both the UR (urban residential) and the MS (main street) zoning ordinances ASAP. These are the edges and where the real development is occurring.

I’ve attached just a couple of pages from a Form Based Code, so that you can start to understand what that means. Imagine Kutzky, the 2nd st. Corridor Study and the Downtown Master Plan all call for Form Based Codes to be developed.

Thank you for your support.

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