Comparing the DMC Bills: House (OK) Senate (fail)

DMC is getting better from a local governance perspective.  The state house bill is far better and is the version being supported by the Rochester City Council.

Comparison Document

Big thanks to assistant city administrator and former Mouseketeer Gary Nuemann for putting this together.*

Here is why the house version is far better:

  1.  The 7 of 9 seats are appointed by local government in the house version vs less than half in the senate bill.  Needless to say the senate bill is not OK.  The house bill used to have 2 people recommended from the Chamber.  We got that down to one.  We need to change the language so that we can choose a representative from the local business community, rather than empower one specific organization that fails to even have board elections.  Edit 1: John Wade contacted me to say that the chamber does have elections, as a former member I don’t remember this, but if they have open and fair elections I would be more comfortable with their role in making recommendations.  Look for a post on this topic shortly.  I do know that labor does have open and fair elections.  Edit 2: To be clear “we” represents a group of people that believe elected officials should have appointment authority and not private groups.
  2. Meetings of the Corporation and any committee or subcommittee are subject to Chapter 13, Government Data Practices and Chapter 13D, Open Meeting Law.  This is good news.  (similar to senate bill).
  3. Conflict of Interest – None can be affiliated with Mayo, except for Mayo representatives.  This is good.  If you recall, I was the only person on the city council that brought up conflicts of interest when we were first shown.
  4. Power – the City has the power of a Port Authority to form the corporation and implement the Plan.  We do not support the senate plan which makes that authority as powerful as a city.  The house language ensures that the City Council is in charge.
  5. The city approves the plan, not just decides if it complies with the comprehensive plan.  This is good because out comprehensive plan is not…
  6. City costs, credits, and revenues are the same between bills and total $128 million.
  7. The house bill gives us 6 methods to raise $128 million, the senate gives us only 2.
  8. One point of concern is that the city will have to issue the bonds, because the number could be large, we will need to be careful to protect our AAA bond rating.

*  You should really always read footmarks, he wasn’t really a form Mouseketeer but he doesn’t read this.

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