More support for safe streets!

Here is a great note I recieved (shared with permission)
Hello Mr Wojcik,
I want to thank you for your recent support of Complete Streets and ensuring Rochester mainatins equitable access to walking and biking infrastructure.  I just wanted to share my note to my council member and two resources you may already know about, but could be helpful for future council discussion.
This is a list of over 30 cities and counties that have followed Rochesters lead by passingComplete Streets policies AND implementing them!
This video was developed because communities were wondering how to replicate Rochesters policy.  How unfortunate that now we are not living up the reputation of being leaders.
Again thank you so much for championing active living efforts and for thinking whats best for the city in the long term.  We cannot just bend to the wills of business leaders whenever it impacts their pocketbooks, thats why we have elected officials like you to ensure equity.
Thank you for your time,
Kelly Corbin

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