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Dear friends, supporters, and people that mearly tolorate me. This is one of the toughest notes that I have ever written. After a great deal of soul searching, discussion with family, and some hard rationalizations with really smart people, we are suspending our campaign for city council president.

Randy Staver is a friend, a person of outstanding character, and a devoted civil servant, and he will be a great city council president with me as his #1 supporter. To continue my camapign would be a disservice to the City of Rochester and a violation of the oath that I took.  On March 19, 9 of every 10 voters in Rochester stayed home.  The same turnout or worse will happen on May 7th.

By continuing my campaign I would remove the ability of Randy and I to tend fully to the needs of the city for another month and a half.  Right now we are in critical need of strong local leadership to make Destination Medical Center a success for the entire community and do so while preserving good government.  This decision will allow me to lead on this issue.

Many of you will be disappointed.  I am.  Many of you would have worked yourself to the bone had I asked, I am so thankful for that.  The most likely path to win the city council president seat would have been a scorched earth negative campaign.  I would not do that, and I certainly would not do that to a friend.  While there are some issues where we disagree, Randy and I work well together and will continue to do so.

One thing that will not change is my committment to neighborhoods and key issues.  I will continue to work to address the affordable housing crisis in Rochester.  Better transportation is coming.  We will not turn our back on partnerships to help homeless or struggling youth.  Our suburban sprawl must stop.  Rochester must respect the total equality and inherant worth of all our friends and neighbors.  Wasting money to subsidize shortsighted pet projects of a few well connected individuals must stop.  We must reinvest in blighted, underperforming neighborhoods.

None of you will agree with everything I say and do, but hopefully you will continue to have meaningful interactions with me.  I will continue to strive to be the hardest working person in local government.  I will continue execute independant thought and attempt to make decisions ensure the continued greatness of Rochester for generations to come.

Unfortunately this foolish election will go on.  We must adopt Ranked Choice Voting as a community and end the wasteful process of never ending elections.

Thank you.




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  1. It takes a brave soul to run in the first place.
    I appreciate your efforts to help make a better community, you still will. There is never a question of here your heart is. And we are still lucky that you are sharing your talents and effort on the City Council. Your decision takes guts and is well thought out . Thank you again.
    Lou Ohly

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