DMC partnership thought

Here is a position statement from someone that I trust and respect.  What do you think?

DMC is conceivd as a partnership between Mayo Clinic and the City of Rochester. Mayo Clinic is not responsible for the well-being of the citizens of Rochester. The government of this city is.

So far, we have left it to Mayo Clinic to do all the heavy lifting. That’s not much of a partnership. The city government needs to step up and speak to DMC concerns that fall within the authority of the city. To the extent that these are questions raised by our citizens, the city has an obligation to provide answers, to make clear what it is the city intends. That’s the kind of strong partner the city should be.

Being a strong partner does not mean we have to “stand up” to Mayo Clinic. Partners should stand with each other. But, we cannot do either until we stand for something. Partnerships need to be based on clear expectations, honest and open communication, and a mutual respect for what each partner brings. Patients are at the core of Mayo Clinic’s mission. At the core of the city’s mission must be our citizens.

In this DMC partnership, the city must stand for its people even as it stands with Mayo Clinic. The good of this city, the well-being of our citizens, is not the responsibility of Mayo Clinic; it is the responsibility, the obligation, the duty of city government. It is time the city started doing its duty. We must start answering for ourselves, especially those questions for which only the city has the authority to answer.

The “medical center” is definitely Mayo Clinic, but the “destination” is Rochester, Minnesota.

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