Rochester Downtown Master Plan (RDMP) Advisory Committee meetings to be made public

The Rochester Downtown Masterplan Advisory Committee meetings will now be public. It always bothered me that neighborhoods were never given a seat.  It also bothered me that these meetings were not open to the public.  This group appearently opposed the Heritage Preservation Ordinance, but I could not get minutes when I asked and one of the members didn’t even know there was a meeting.  I asked to make this public at the last council meeting and staff has agreed.  I also asked years ago and was told “no.”  Progress…

The group can and should have the option to close meetings if they are talking about projects where a developer is entitled to privacy.

I did not attend the March 18 Council meeting.  I did review the video archive that discussed Rochester Downtown Master Plan (RDMP) Advisory  Committee meetings.  The RDMP Advisory Committee was established to assure that progress was being made on plan recommendations and to provide a forum for the exchange of information between the parties that participated in the preparation of the plan (City, Mayo, UMR, RDA and RAF).    Because this Committee was not appointed by the Council, there was no legal requirement to open meetings to the public – it was left to the discretion of the members.  I have spoken to nearly all of the Committee members during the past week.   They have no objection to opening the meetings.

The RDMP Advisory Committee meets bi-monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be May 8th.  I will provide the Clerk’s office with the appropriate notice prior to the meeting.   I assume that this eliminates the need for a Committee of the Whole discussion, if not, please let me know and will coordinate a time with Steve.  Doug

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