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As all me readers know, I believe in the value of community input.  Many of you are wondering about community engagement for DMC. Here is a note I recieved from one of the people working on DMC that I respect greatly.  In short, there are many opportunities to engage and of course I always welcome your input.  I will work to have someone meet with all my neighborhoods in April.  Of course I hope that I will be representing far more neighborhoods after March 19!

Hi Michael,

Getting out into the community to talk about DMC and provide the opportunity to have conversations is so important right now. I am not sure if you are getting questions with regard to DMC from your ward, but I wanted to see if you think an opportunity to address DMC at one of your local community chats ( I know you have ward conversations) would be advantageous? Or perhaps you have other thoughts that follow your normal routine of engagement with your wards.

I would be happy to provide you with whatever tools you need and also attend with you if you think most helpful. Please let me know if you would be interested and we can set up a time to talk via phone/coffee. Whatever works best for you.

Just a quick update of what is going on in the community:

DMC and community members (Jerry Williams, Scott Hoss, Tessa Leung and Jay Hesley) will be giving presentations at all the service clubs starting next week. DMC engagement by convening specific industries  has already begun. In addition to the PB public forum that occurred last week, a DMC open House is scheduled for next week, March 14 from 6-8pm at the Rochester Art Center, a Rochester Issues forum will occur on March 20 and the Chamber Eggs and Issues on April 12th.

The website and social media are the main vehicles for sending updates and also portals of dialogue. Please encourage the public to sign up on the website to learn more and stay updated.

Thank you for your leadership,


Heidi Mestad

Manager, Division of Community Engagment I  507.284.3580

Mayo Clinic I 200 First Street SWI Rochester, MN 55905

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