What is Agenda 21?

I actually get this question quite a bit.  Basically there is a population that opposes smart growth, land use planning, neighborhood planning, and this concept has been a rallying cry.

Here is a good look at the controversy: Agenda 21

As always I like to be very clear about where I stand on the issues:

  • I support social justice.
  • I support smart growth.
  • I support green space.
  • I support energy / water / resource  conservation.
  • I support safe walking, biking, and transit routes.
  • I support transit oriented development.
  • I support walkable communities.
  • I support quality construction.
  • I support quality affordable housing.
  • I oppose sprawl.
  • I oppose low quality construction.
  • I oppose automobile only development.
  • I oppose concentrations of poverty.

I always like to ask a simple question.  Which is smarter a mile of infrastructure that serves 5 homes or 50?  Which is more likely to raise you taxes?

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