Smart Growth and Economic Success

Wild conspiracy theories aside, I am a champion for smart growth.  The fact that we are approaching the geographic size of Minneapolis with less that 1/3 of the population speaks of our poor development patterns.  Our suburban sprawl hurts those in need of affordable housing, ties us to automobiles, and will cost us a fortune in future infrastructure maintenance.  In short, sprawl is fiscal irresponsibility at its worst.

EPA: Economic Success with Smart Growth

Fortunately we are changing.  There is greater interest in downtown living, transit oriented living, and walkable neighborhoods.  I have led a charge for years to get the city council to stop subsidizing sprawl.  Just like a smart investor wants to maximize the return on investment, a smart city leader wants to maximize the return on infrastructure.


  1. That is so true. We need your leadership to build a smart, livable city that everyone in Rochester can be proud of. Rochester has so many positives to build on and so many places that need to be redeveloped to benefit all.

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