Bakk comments on Destination Medical Center

Here is why I probably couldn’t handle being in St. Paul. Check out this comment from Sen. Bakk:

Bakk is inclined to support the proposal but said Rochester and Olmsted County need to pitch in a greater share.

“If the city or the county are going to be our local partner, what kind of capacity do they have to partner with the state and with the significant private investment that the Mayo is proposing to put in?” Bakk said. “Much like Hennepin County partnered with the Twins stadium, much like the city of Minneapolis partnered with the Vikings stadium.”

I would remind everyone that Sen. Bakk voted for the Vikings stadium.

Wow, I don’t know where to start. For one thing Destination Medical is far more important to Minnesota that the Vikings. Losing the Vikings would be a loss, losing Mayo or future Mayo investment would be far, far worse.

Second thing. 51% of the Vikings financing came from the Public Sector. DMC is looking for 10% from the public sector. Yet DMC will generate orders of magnitude more good jobs than the Vikings stadium.

OK I will humor Sen. Bakk. Maybe Rochester should have skin in the game like Minneapolis. Lets check the facts.

2011 Population:
Minneapolis 387,753
Rochester 107,630

Project Contribution:
Minneapolis $150 million
Rochester $60 million

Apply a little math…
Minneapolis will contribute $386.84 per person
Rochester will contribute $557.47 per person

So Rochester has 44.1% MORE local skin in the game!

Destination Medical Center is a far better financial investment for the state than the Vikings stadium could ever hope to be. Choose any metric you want and it is a better value. Sen. Bakk chose to compare DMC to the Vikings stadium to criticize the proposal based on local government contributions, not realizing that Rochester was proposing a far greater burden than the very project that he voted for!


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  1. Great Post, Micheal! This is so true…it seems to me that Rochester so often gets the shaft when it comes to money and funding (even Bimidji got more for their civic center than we did- and yet we are the third largest city in the state! And the other two are twins…and so only one economic area)…that’s for speaking up on this.

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