Human Trafficking Revisited

Here is one success story along with some information that the public never got to see.

Remember Dennis Weestrand?  He was the landlord that I (in my role as an elected leader, of course) publically pressured in 2011 into evicting tenant “China Massage” from his building on 2nd street.  That business not only engaged in prostitution, but also human sex trafficking.  Needless to say we won, China Massage closed, and a woman who was a victim of human sex trafficking in Weestrand’s building was rescued.  Endless thanks go out to our local law enforcement officials who resuced this woman.  Today we have a thoughtful law that no longer leaves the public at the mercy of a landlord like Weestrand.  Despite some complaints our new licensing has not put a single legimate massage therapist out of business.

I thought the public deserved to see what can happen when you stand up to a corrupt businessman in Rochester. There always those that will place money before the greater good, but in this case money lost.

Weestrand 1 photo IMG_2174_zpsde2e66fd.jpg

Weestrand 2 photo IMG_2172_zps62417cfb.jpg

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