West Circle Drive Sign

Many were surprised to learn that I supported adding a billboard along West Circle Drive.  I think that is in part because media coverage has focused on adding a sign along West Circle Drive and not what we are getting in return.

I didn’t support the intitial language, but offered an amendment which passed 6-0, the final vote was then 5-1 approving the sign.

As always let me know if I am crazy…

In my amendment:

  • We permanently remove a large number of signs in more urban, pedestrian areas.
  • We use best practices for dark sky lighting or similar, taken from other communities.
  • Signs can only be put in if 250% of the sign size is removed elsewhere.
  • We only allow signs on West Circle Drive between 19th and Highway 14.
  • Sign spacing is such that this only allows for 1 sign.



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