Small plane crash in Rochester info

From the city:

Big picture is that everyone will be OK.

Rochester Airport and City Firefighters responded to a report of a small aircraft crash at the Rochester International Airport:

Call time of 1835 hours into the Rochester 9-1-1 Center; 12/2/2012
Airport Fire reported their crash alarm was sounded by the Rochester Control Tower and began searching the runways; Airport Fire joined Rochester Fire in the search on County Road 16 as more information became available

  • The pilot of the aircraft was the caller and indicated that they had crashed somewhere north of the airport he believed; somewhere in a farm field
  • Fog was very heavy with visibility extremely limited
  • The 9-1-1 Center used the cell phone GPS coordinates to provide responders with a general search location near the intersection of Olmsted County Road 16 and County Road 8
  • Communicating through Rochester Fire Dispatch, the pilot reported he could see emergency vehicle lights; responders then shut off their vehicles and called out to see if the survivors could hear the responders; responders heard the survivors shouting back; responders started moving cautiously out into the farm field that abuts the Airport fence line; responders stopped twice to shout out again to confirm movement in the correct direction and located the crash site when the plane and survivors suddenly came into view through the dense fog
  • Responders had to proceed very slowly and cautiously because of the extremely limited visibility; responders did not want to drive into the crash site itself.  Striking debris or survivors is a tremendous concern.
  • The plane is owned by the Rochester Flying Club; it is a high wing Cessna single engine plane
  • The pilot of record was listed as ALAN DEAEYREL; no further information on the pilot or whether the pilot of record was actually flying the plane is available at this time
  • There were four persons on board, including the pilot; three adult males and one male child
  • The flight was listed as an IFR (instrument flight) with Rochester as the destination
  • The pilot and child denied injury
  • Two passengers were transported to St. Mary’s Hospital by Gold Cross Ambulance; their injuries were not immediately known but they were not critically injured
  • All occupants were able to escape the aircraft which had bounced and then flipped end for end in the plowed farm field coming to rest on its top
  • The plane crashed short of Runway 13, in the farm field at the Northwest end of the Rochester International Airport;  GPS mapping will determine if the crash occurred in Section 8 of Olmsted County or within City of Rochester city limits; night and fog prevented a precise determination on scene
  • There was no fire
  • There were no fatalities
  • The occupants were very lucky
  • Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office is providing scene security
  • The FAA is investigating the crash
  • Damage estimate to the plane was not available but appeared to be a total loss; although damage was extensive, the passenger compartment remained largely intact which contributed to the survivability of the crash.

Questions about the crash should be referred to the Federal Aviation Administration Office of Public Affairs, 847-294-7427.

Questions about fire and rescue response can be referred to Deputy Chief Steven Belau, 507-269-8152.

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