My opponents dirty campaign…

Words can’t express how disgusted I am at this.  This is dirty campaigning at its sleaziest.  The fact that much of what is in this letter is not true is besides the point.  Bottom line is that this is what my opponent stands for.  I believe that the reality is that the neighborhood action was cooked up by 3 or 4 people on the board as a political stunt.  This pretty much proves it.  BTW We first learned of this action only 14 hours before it was posted in a political blog.  And for the record we were never once engaged by these 4.

I am not sure about Bob Dahl, but the other three names on this note have all had “Pruett” signs in their yard.  This note went to someone that had previously supported me and then changed their mind.  I am especially insulted because the Pruett attack goes after my family and my home not just me.  The fact that these individuals have publicly attacked my wife now will not be discounted.

From: Mike Pruett <>
Subject: Re: hello
To: “Julie XXXXXX” <>
Date: Saturday, November 3, 2012, 4:15 PM

Just got this from the Fox Hills Third Neighborhood Association I know you will like this.
Fox I-Iill Third Neighborhood Association
November 1, 2012
Dear Neighbors,
The Neighborhood Association has been placed in the unfortunate position of
pursuing legal action against one of our members. The Board has made
numerous attempts  discuss the unapproved installation of solar panels on
the front of the Wojcík residence. Our repeated attempts to engage the Wojcík’s
have been unsuccessful, and thus we have been unable to reach a resolution at
this point. Therefore, in consultation with our legal representation, We as an
association have ñled a court order for the removal of the solar panels.
As members of the association, we will keep you apprised of the situation. All
attempts are being made to bring this to resolution in the most expedient and
efficient manner as possible. As We mentioned in our September letter, this is
not a desirable situation for any of us, but it is our fiduciary responsibility to
you to uphold the neighborhood covenants.
Thank you for your support,

Victoria Clíby
Tripp Welch
Loren Wendroth
Bob Dahl

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  1. I think you should stick to your guns. I recall passing by your place on a walk with my family in late summer and was impressed to see someone who was forward-thinking enough to put up photovoltaic panels. I even went back to see who the installer was because we are considering it ourselves.

    This is highly disappointing. Like most HOA’s this one seems to enjoy bullying its members over trivial issues. The board members should be ashamed for wasting their members dues on such a trivial matter. Further, you are setting an example for energy conservation and innovative thinking.

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